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iLike Hairdressing is a professional hair salon, founded in 2017. Our team comprise of friendly, experiences, professional and talented ladies hairdresser.

  • Haircut

  • Creative Color Series

    Time for a hair colour update? Try this friendly colour that Korean idols and celebrities are obsessed with. Here’s how to find the right shade for yourself.

  • Organic Active Hair Scalp Therapy

    An ideal leave in formulation that cleanses, soothes, and detoxifies the dry scalp. Containing botanicals essence and moisturizing agents, gently eliminates flakes and maintain a well-balanced scalp.


  • 超喜欢😘谢谢
    (Super like, thank you)

    Alycia Maureen Wong
    Korea 3D Color
  • You are welcome dear~ thanks for your service provided.. I felt so relax now and definately will come back again 🙂

    Korea Hair relaxing
  • Really love the color, thanks Lilian for great recommendation.

    Teng Teng
    Professional Korea Color

  • Good services.. friendly and comfortable environment.. reasonable price

    Evelyn Ong
    March 25
  • 服务态度非常好非常亲切。。。。有家人的feeling…..走过路过经过千万别错过!!!!!

    January 27


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I Like Hairdressing

We provide professional hairdressing service range from haircut, cold perm, digital perm, rebonding (straightening), color, color highlight, and treatment. Treatment range from normal, spa to scalp treatment. We also retail natural hair care products range from shampoo to treatment which is good for sensitive scalp. Other professional retail products available include wax, color-wax, hairspray, oil, and mousse also available. Get in touch with our hairstylist for more information.
I Like Hairdressing
I Like Hairdressing2 weeks ago
If you are running out of Shampoo, help is here. Visit our eCommerce shop. Select your preferred shampoo. Add to cart. Checkout and bank-in to us. (FPX payment is coming soon). Once we verify your payment, your bottle of shampoo will be ship to you via local courier.
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I Like Hairdressing2 weeks ago
Due Covid-19 official extension of Movement Restriction Order, our salon will be shut till 14 Apr. If everything went smooth sailing, will see all of you again on 15 Apr.

Stay safe, everyone! #stayathome
I Like Hairdressing
I Like Hairdressing3 weeks ago
Due Covid-19 official Movement Restriction Order, we will shut our salon from 18 to 31 Mar. Lilian and team will assist to move any appointment to later date via what-app. If everything went smooth sailing, we will see you again in 1st April.

Stay safe, everyone!
I Like Hairdressing
I Like Hairdressing1 month ago
Waking up with fuzzy hair making you mad, right? What if I told you, I have the solution. Allowing you to regain your morning blue, and boost your confident when arrive at workplace or hang out with friend.
I Like Hairdressing
I Like Hairdressing2 months ago
We will going on long holiday from today onward till Fri, Jan 31st. We will open as usual from Sat, Feb 1st onward. Thank you for support and Kong Hei Fatt Choy!
I Like Hairdressing
I Like Hairdressing
I Like Hairdressing3 months ago