All New Aria Perm from Korea

iLike Hairdressing is introducing Aria Perm, the latest hair trend from Korea we bring to our Seremban 2 community.

Why Aria Perm?

Every morning, we need to go through the same routine to get our hair in perfect style before we go on with our day. The trouble is to get the perfect curls, but also perfect volume right is … eeh… not that easy right? Not with Aria Perm. The perm will help you resolve those early morning frus.

Aria perm is an unique Korean-style heating technology that does not cause moisture loss during perm and does not frizz  after perm.  The perm is easy for self care and manage, render to  healthy and natural look.

Our Director Hairstylist, Lilian with her model pose with just done Aria Perm curl style.



What is SLES, Why is harmful?

SODIUM LAURYL ETHER SULFATE is a common ingredient in consumer personal care product including shampoo, body wash, toothpaste and face wash. Other application of SLES including dishwasher. The primary function of SLES in our personal care product is to act as a foaming agent effectively lifting dirt from body, hair and scalp. SLES is undoubtedly effective in doing it job as a cleaning agent.

Then, why SLES is harmful to the skin? It’s important to know that SLES may contain carcinogen dioxane which is formed during its production step. The prolong use of SLES is discourgeed and may contribute to:

  1. Allergic Reactions irritation, skin rash, scalp scurf and other associated allergic reactions.
  2. Decline in Hair growth cycle which lead to hair loss.
  3. High dose of carcinogen dioxane concentration in SLES may cause cancer, tumors, kidney and liver damage.

Next time if you found your scalp irritated, then the shampoo you are using might contain SLES as its main compound.

iLike Hairdressing is always actively educated our customer on using SLES free personal care product, thus we care for their well-being. When we believe “beauty start from healthy hair”. And trust we care.

Feel free to inquire our professional hair care consultant for more information about our SLES free personal care product.

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