The Team

  • Lilian

    Founder & Director Hairdresser

    Friendly demeanour and calm, combined with more than twelve years of practiced skill under the apprenticeship of her guru now based in Singapore and three years as professional hairstylist. No surprise why her long-time regular customers respect and trusted her. Curly, perm, vibrant color, short or long trim, you name it, is all under her impressive and talented skill.

  • Stella

    Professional Assistant Hairdresser

    Years of experiences employed and trained by professional salon and hair therapy centre. Her experiences prove is distinguish and proven to her customer. She is the most preferred by customer in hair blow-dry grooming.

  • Stark

    Founder & Chieftain

    Entrepreneur, dreamer, and sophisticated tech guy. Foodie and fascinated with ideas. The strategist of iLike.